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Assessment Disclaimer

The vCAT™ assessment is not intended to provide medical diagnosis, advice, or service of any kind. This assessment is for personal, informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent any disease or other condition or to provide a determination or assessment of your state of health. Any decisions made once guardians have used or read the content of our products are personal choice and we will not be liable for the consequences of any such decisions. If you are concerned about health or mental health issues you are advised to consult your physician or other licensed healthcare and mental health professionals.

This virtual reality assessment was designed in a manner that will not negatively affect a child. However, in a small number of cases, virtual reality experiences have been known to cause dizziness, headaches, seizures, eye strain, upset stomach, or fatigue. If a child reports unease anytime throughout the test, it will be stopped immediately. Please contact your child’s healthcare provider for medical questions.

The vCAT™ may not be appropriate for children with photo-sensitive epilepsy, color blindness, or physical limitations that restrict use of a Virtual Reality device; parents should consult with their child’s healthcare provider.

We are a software service provider, and we will not be held responsible for hardware accessories (including but not limited to laptop, iPad, VR goggle and its accessories) malfunction, risk, or any other cause beyond software control.

Please follow all of your hardware device manufacturer’s instructions for the safe operation of your hardware device. For example, this may include appropriate volume settings, proper battery charging, not operating the device if damaged, and proper device disposal. Contact your hardware device manufacturer for any questions or concerns that pertain to your device.

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