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What is vCAT  ?

The Virtual Classroom Attention Tracker (vCAT™) is an immersive virtual reality based digital tool that assesses attention performance for children and adolescents.

How Does vCAT   Positively Affect Outcomes in Children?

Children and adolescents can find more success in everyday life, classroom learning, and extracurricular activities with a personally tailored intervention strategy.

vCAT™ is a 13-minute attention test inside a virtual reality classroom. It's designed for children ages 6 to 13 to assess performance directly related to Focus, Self Control, and Physical Steadiness.
The classroom looks so real!
One child even asked a practitioner
"Can I talk to the other kids in the classroom?"
VRAT 报告示例备份_3x.png

Empower caregivers and educators by assessing a child's performance for sustained attention and impulsivity


Provides a captured performance of data beyond what you see

VRAT 报告示例备份_3x.png

Understand a child's performance in different mental and behavioral aspects

How vCAT™ Works

vCAT™ focuses on the following three aspects:
•  Focus  •  Mental Self-Control  •  Physical Steadiness

vCAT™ brings your child into an immersive VR classroom environment that contains distractions very similar to a real-world context. Your child will experience a mix of visual, auditory, and combination distractions throughout the entire 13-minute assessment process while they try to focus on an attention task.

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View a vCAT™ Sample Report

vCAT™'s report defines impulsivity, general focus, and more.

See for yourself how your clients and their guardians can be empowered by personalized results.

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