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The Science Behind the vCAT Assessment

See how the Virtual Classroom Attention Tracker (vCAT™) measures multiple dimensions of attention.

vCAT™ assesses challenges to attention including hyperactivity, inattention, impulsivity, and distractibility. It combines standardized psychometric testing with high-resolution time-stamped head movement data measured while the user interacts inside an immersive VR classroom environment.

A detailed and individualized report is automatically produced with performance metrics that are compared with age and gender group normative data. Our large normative database, consisting of hundreds of children across the age span, provides an objective standard for systematically interpreting your child’s performance across multiple dimensions of attention.

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What vCAT Measures


Self Control


Physical Steadliness


The Mind Behind vCAT™

Albert “Skip” Rizzo, Ph.D.
  • Chief Science Officer, Cognitive Leap

  • Director, Medical Virtual Reality, Institute for Creative Technologies

  • Research Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry and School of Gerontology at University of Southern California

The original Virtual Classroom project began in 1998 as part of a larger research program aimed at developing VR technology applications to improve our capacity to understand, measure, and treat the cognitive/functional impairments commonly found in clinical populations with Central Nervous System (CNS) dysfunction. The Virtual Classroom was initially designed as a VR system for the assessment of attention processes in children.

The History of theVirtual Classroom

  • A large-scale, high-quality, and age-stratified normative database powers comparative data analysis across all performance dimensions captured in the vCAT™.

  • Powered by LeapDXR™, the vCAT data Engine is a fully integrated analytic system that delivers automated, multi-dimensional analysis of all attention and motion activity observed.

  • With a uniquely data-oriented approach, it captures and quantifies real-time attention performance and body movement data in a high resolution format.

View a vCAT™ Sample Report

vCAT™'s report defines impulsivity, general focus, and more.

See for yourself how your clients and their guardians can be empowered by personalized results.

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