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Parent Resource Center

Find a stronger foundation for success with attention, learning, and emotional management

Research-Based Strategies at Your Fingertips

vCAT™ Assessment and Report Recommendations

Children aged 6 to 13 qualify for attention assessment using our virtual reality tools. Connect with an assessment location to get started.

FocusEDTx™ Behavioral Management App

Enroll in this tablet and mobile phone-based treatment designed for parent collaboration. Recommended for children aged 6 to 13. 

Cognitive Leap's Parent Resource Archive

Read more about the psychology and science behind attention deficits and other conditions related to the common symptoms of ADHD. 


The Team at Cognitive Leap Solutions 
is powered by parents.

Our evidence-based assessment and treatment solutions are designed to engage and empower participants and their families.

We are committed to developing and providing non-stigmatizing approaches for treating mental health conditions that empower patients. As parents, we want to recognize our children's strengths and talents while removing their barriers to success.

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